16 Fractals for 4 Ensembles

Writing this work, I was inspired by phenomena of how transitory and partial is our perception of the Universe. As human beings, we are settled in fixed time-frames and spaces, which influences the way we perceive the whole. Even though we look at the same Structure, the point of view always differs and creates special, unique performances. These, shapes our personalities, which create unique stories of living beings. The aim of this work is to imitate these phenomena. I’ve created a small universe consisting of one, infinite graphical structure in the shape of a fractal-based on a previously established mathematical principle. The work can be started from any of these 16 elements and each of them creates a different narrative built from the same set of events. During one concert, only one Fractal is performed – this way, the audience is able to listen to only 1 of 16 existing versions of the work, only one of many unique stories possible to create within this small Universe.