“Abrahadabra” for Utopa midi-organ

In the XXth Century, Aleister Crowley changed the popular, esoteric term „Abracadabra” into „Abrahadabra”. Just one letter difference made the kabbalistic calculations symmetrical and thanks to this, a word that initiates the magic gained its real power in the rituals. Air-pressure and register change controlled constantly by the computer in the midi-organ piece made for the instrument playing itself causes a special effect – magical title is not what you hear from the notes itself, but from the overtones floating around the concert hall made by sometimes almost not hearable actual notes of the organ with their register changes – these, transformed into waves of sound create the effect of three layers in the piece: percussive (symbol of subconsciousness), waves of the modulated sound of the organ (consciousness) and overtones over the general sound (magical superconsciousness).

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