Highlighted video of the week


Speech of Avenice, music theatre for voice, blockflutes, live electronics and lights*

“Avenice is one of the characters from the novel “Lella” that Adam Łukawski is working on about the future utopic society, in which everything is directly interpreted as an artistic manifestation. The novel is a base for the whole project in which every artistic piece can exist separately, but also is a part of the bigger universe titled “Lella” (in sanscrit it means a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as an outcome of a creative play). The piece is also connected with melodic “superformulas” in the form of piano preludes circle with the same title, which will be premiered in Conservatorium van Amsterdam in January as a melodic source for the other pieces from the project. Summarizing, all melodies used in “Speech of Avenice” belongs to the character of Avenice from the novel “Lella” and have their corresponding melodies in the piano piece with the same title. Avenice is the character who is the most connected with the title of the novel. She’s curious, adventurous, she’s creating an artistic atmosphere around herself. She’s intuitive and it seems that when everybody is trying to achieve a certain level of artistic fulfillment, she doesn’t care, because she’s simply there. She’s only playing the game. The piece is a conversation between Avenice and a symbolic Source of the Answers (blockflutes) with the live electronic background of An Infinite Echo, which with time also starts to participate in the conversation. However, before the stage execution of the piece, during the pause and after a concert, the public can also hear An Infinite Echo. This is to mark that the structure of the piece, the same like the idea of “Lella”, is infinite. The stage execution is happening at one moment, but the echo doesn’t start and stop on a stage. The public, the same like performers has an opportunity to experience the structure, which appeared for our senses only for this special evening.” *and tapes (also a part of the piece, but presented in foyer as a separate installation)