“Ikigai”, 36525 pieces for 2 performers and Disklavier (2019)

“Ikigai”, 36525 pieces for 2 performers and Disklavier (midi-controlled acoustic grand piano)

Version: 21.12.19

Performers: Chonglian Yu and Adam Łukawski

Performed at the Muziekhuis Utrecht in a concert of Stichting Conlon/ Gaudeamus as a result presentation of the artistic residency in the building.

Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning “the reason for being”. The concept for this work, existing in 36525 different rhythmical and harmonic versions using different figures built on Shepard tones depending on the date of the performance originated with an idea included in an ancient archetype of a spinning wheel – showing a metaphor of limitations in the human and mechanical performances by presenting them both together. With this work, I would like to ask the question about the role of machines in modern society, especially with the rise of AI technology giving us access to limitless new possibilities.