Nomadic Stories

Nomadic Stories for 2 dancers and 2 cellos


11.12.2019 at London Contemporary Dance School / The Place, London, UK.

Dance: Pauline Robin and Stošija Zrinski

Celli: Chris Hedges & Pietari Willey

Choreography and dramaturgy: Imogen Reeve

Music and concept: Adam Łukawski

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Program Note:

Watch as stories rise and fall in this duo of deeply personal solos. Following the same process with both soloists, two independently performed choreographies are presented.

In a reversal of the usual relationship between music and dance, each cellist follows one dancer – the dancers playing the role of a conductor as this aleatoric composition is played.

Alongside the performance, a unified musical and choreographic score has been created which enables dancers to build their own movement and text. This gives the audience an intimate understanding of the artists on stage and is performed within the structure of this multidisciplinary work.

Score available at Donemus Publishing