Visions of Consciousness for piano


I wrote “Visions of Consciousness” referring to Prokofiev’s “Visions Fugitives”. I believe that every artist has in his life some periods, when processed by the subconscious mind everyday events move to his everyday life, and suddenly, like through an enchanted wand, the whole work appears in their head. It was the same with my “Visions”. Written quickly, appeared suddenly, arose because they had to.

1) Vivo rubato – Moderato pesante
2) Allegretto leggiero – Brillante
3) Misterioso rubato – Grave pesante

The latest part Grave pesante inspired by Olivier Messiaen’s “Vingt regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus” part 1

I’m proud that this piece gained a Certificate of Recognition of IBLA Grand Prize 2016 in New York, USA and Ibla, Ragusa, ITALY.

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